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Grandmothers Recipes

One of my cousins found a bunch of my grandmothers recipes the one day. These recipes was written in her own handwriting and as I looked at it, it was as if she came alive and I could hear her voice telling us of all her adventures, I could smell her and feel her soft skin. She was a remarkable woman and as a young child I was fascinated by her. We loved her baking and she baked stuff that our mothers never had the courage to do like Koeksisters and the most divine tasting mini Sausage rolls. We used to steal the Sausage rolls out of the kitchen before they could cool, gobbling them down as we run to hide between the orange trees. 

With this Treasured Recipe Journal I would love to share with you this blessing. Personalise it, put some time into it, make it your own creation to share with loved ones.